Steve Graham - Head Coach
Steve has been a part of the Bixby Red football team since 2010.  He has 3 boys (Daniel, Cole and Caleb) who are all active in sports, which is why time is somewhat of a luxury to Steve.  Steve is married to a wonderful and inspirational lady, Dusty who also is deeply involved in the Bixby youth sports program.  Dusty is currently the Director of Football Operations on the Bixby Youth Football Association Board as well as the Team Mom for the Bixby Red Spartans.
David Stacy - Assistant Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator

David has been a part of the Bixby Red football team since 2010.  He has 2 daughters Jordyn is a 7th grade Bixby cheerleader and Camryn (Connor's twin) will cheer for Bixby 3rd grade - and one son, Connor, who are all active in many Bixby youth sports.  In addition David and all three kids are very active in tae kwon do.  As such, David's coaching philosophy follows some of the tenants of tae kwon do - courtesy, integrity, perseverance, abominable spirit and self control - to develop leadership skills and respect for the game in each player.  David's wonderful wife, Angel, keeps him in check and ensures he keeps up with all things Bixby while also being active in the kids' activities, including being team mom for Jordyn's cheer squad and one of Bixby Red's team photographers.  Outside of football, David is an avid home improvement specialist who has recently developed the Bixby Red Football pool house on his grounds.

Tommy Burke - Assistant Coach
Tommy and his wife Monica have four kids (Ryan, Krysten, Gracyn & Christian) ages ranging from 22 down to 10.  This is Tommy's second go around in coaching and has coached his kids in football, baseball, soccer and basketball.  Monica has coached cheerleading for many years, and she is responsible for all that sunshine that Coach Burke brings to Bixby Red.  They are members of South Tulsa Baptist Church and are involved in several different areas.  They have a passion for anything that involves kids and teaching.  Tommy looks forward to a new season, new relationships and a new team.
Damon Wright- Assistant Coach
This will be Damon's first year on Bixby Red's coaching staff.  His son, Kade, is a member of the team and is active in other sports besides football.  Kade also plays on Bixby Blue basketball squad, the Tulsa White Caps baseball team, and competes in summer tennis tournaments through Indian Springs Tennis Club.  Other activities Kade enjoys include reading, playing PS3, and hunting with dad. Damon's beautiful daughter, Kinsey, participates in dance, ballet, and plays tennis at Indian Springs.  She is an energetic young lady that is always there to cheer on her 'bubbie'.  Krista is Damon's best friend and wife of 13 years.  Krista is an exceptional teacher in the Bixby school system and she enjoys running, playing tennis, and working out at Rocco's Gym!  There are a multitude of life lessons (individually and corporately as a team) that can be experienced/taught through the game of football and he is passionate about helping mold the boys into strong men and future leaders.  We are excited to have Damon be a part of the Bixby Red team!